International Franchise Association

Since 1960, the International Franchise Association‘s mission has been to protect, enhance and promote franchising by representing the leaders of over 60 industries using franchising as their method of distribution. There are countless benefits of becoming a member regardless of if you are a franchisor, franchisee or vendor supplier:

  • Access to information, research and 70 different publications.
  • Exposure at the various expos offered each year including the International Franchise Expo (IFE), Franchise Expo South (FES), Franchise Expo West (FEW), and Regional Franchise and Financing Expos.
  • Annual Conference chalk full of networking events, over 50 different educational seminars, and access to over 300 supporting companies. On-site registration is available but only members of the IFA can attend the Annual Conferences.
  • International resources through IFA’s partnership with many international franchising groups, providing technical support, information, educational and networking opportunities, all designed to allow your organization to develop and expand successfully across the globe.
  • Educational and professional development for the key members of your company to learn, develop skills, network and trade ideas to grow your franchise system and run it more effectively. As well as the Annual Conference and various Expos and regional events, the IFA offers a legal symposium, legal round-tables, Franchise Business Networks, Women Franchise Networks, IFA Committees, and a Professional Certification Program for Franchise Executives (CFE).
  • The IFA Government Relations team is actively working to ensure that the interests of franchising are represented fairly and objectively.

Our 2017 IFA Liaison, Ragan Neblett, has been involved with the IFA for the past four years since starting with Delta Development Group and her company has been a franchisor member for seven years.

Ragan says that every event she has attended through the IFA has been fantastic and sees nothing but benefits about being a member. She feels that the IFA is truly a community. Everyone there loves the franchising industry and wants to get to know you and your business to help you grow and be successful. The Annual Convention provides educational content tracks that are really tailored to each employee in order to meet their specific roles. Whether you are in an operational role, business development, sales, marketing, etc., there will be a program geared towards your needs and goals.

Ragan is also a mentee through IFA’s Mentorship Program, Franship, and has nothing but good things to say about it.  Simply complete the initial Franship Mentorship Process to be paired up with a Mentor, specifically matched to your franchise system and industry. To connect more with Ragan about her experience and involvement with the IFA and Franship, click on her name above or go to the “Contact Us” page.